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For 10 plus years, the debt-relief law firm of Mitchell Lee Chambers, Esq. has provided superior, cost-efficient, and value-oriented legal services in a compassionate and respectful manner for thousands of clients in New Jersey and Philadelphia. We invite you to call our office at 856-302-1778 and ask to speak Mitchell Lee Chambers, Esq.

As a bankruptcy law firm in Philadelphia and Blackwood, New Jersey, we concentrate in consumer and business bankruptcy matters. We also can offer legal help as a DUI law firm as well as matters in municipal court such as driving while intoxicated, minor drug possessions, and other related traffic matters.

Financial problems can be deeply disturbing and extremely stressful. You should not feel alone if you are embarrassed about considering bankruptcy. It is only natural that you would prefer to pay your bills, but bankruptcy may be your best option if you are not able to pay all of your debt. As a bankruptcy law firm in Philadelphia, we're here to help you understand bankruptcy.


Understand Your Rights.

When you’re filing a bankruptcy, it is critical to understand your legal rights.

The Law Firm of Mitchell Lee Chambers personally meets with every client for the initial consultation to determine the appropriate course of action.

Initial consultations are always free.


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If you or someone you know in New Jersey or Pennsylvania needs debt consolidation legal counsel or the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, contact Mitchell Lee Chambers, Esquire at 856-302-1778.

It's also important to know that we're glad to meet in person...or meet with you on-line via Zoom. Whatever makes you the most comfortable.

While a phone call will provide the most immediate response, we invite your email. Contact us here.

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