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Our criminal defense law firm in Blackwood, NJ brings a strong record of success to drunken driving cases, traffic violations and other misdemeanor matters. To discuss your concerns in a free initial consultation, contact our New Jersey Office for a free consultation. My office number is 856-302-1778.


Effective defense is worth the investment. When you consider the expenses associated with a conviction for traffic offenses including DWI / DUI, which include not only court fines and costs, but the possibility of increased insurance premiums and points on your motor vehicle driving record, criminal defense is money well spent. A drunken driving conviction could increase your insurance costs by tens of thousands of dollars over the course of the next ten years. Call our law office AT 856-302-1778 to learn how an experienced defense lawyer can improve your situation.


New Jersey DWI laws carry significant penalties, including the suspension of driving privileges, thousands of dollars in fines and fees, incarceration, a criminal record, loss of professional licenses and community service.


First DWI offense:
Your first offense will likely result in:

• A fine ranging from $500 to $1,000

• The loss of your drivers’ license for three to 12 months

• A $1,000 driver’s insurance surcharge, annually for three years

• 10 points against your New Jersey license

• You will also be detained at the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (New Jersey IDRC) for a minimum of two days for education about drunk driving and drugs and alcohol treatment.

Second DWI or DUI conviction:
A second conviction earns a mandatory five days in county jail and a two-year license revocation.

Third DWI offense:
A third or subsequent arrest carries 180 days in jail, a 10-year license revocation and the possibility of court-ordered participation in an alcohol treatment or drug rehabilitation program.

Criminal defense/municipal court attorney, Mitchell Lee Chambers, has represented clients in the local and Superior Courts South Jersey for over ten (10) years. His familiarity with local judges and prosecutors helps him provide realistic case evaluations for drivers accused of drunk driving and other traffic offenses.

We commit ourselves to the improvement of every client’s circumstances through various legal options:

• Acquittals – or dismissed charges

• Reduced charges – resulting in reduced fines, restored driving privileges

• Reduced point tickets – resulting in significant savings in insurance premiums

• Alternatives to jail – including community service and alcohol treatment options


D.U.I. & Traffic Violation Help Is Here. Law Firm Serving Philadelphia, PA

Do you need an attorney for a DUI pr Traffic Violation matter? The Law Offices of Mitchell Lee Chambers represent the rights of drivers and other clients who are facing charges in municipal courts in South New Jersey, such as:

• Speeding tickets

• Reckless driving

• Hit and run

• Suspended license

• Driving While Intoxicated

Our firm serves clients whose drivers license have been suspended, revoked, or is in jeopardy due to a string of traffic tickets.

The municipal court lawyers at the Law Offices of Mitchell Lee Chambers assist commercial truck drivers, couriers, and other workers who depend on their drivers license for their livelihood.

Initial consultations are always free.


The Law Offices of Mitchell Lee Chambers...More Than Traffic Violations.

Bankruptcy concerns, Drug or Paraphernalia charges are others areas in which we specialize.

The Law Firm of Mitchell Lee Chambers personally meets with every client for the initial consultation to determine the appropriate course of action.


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